Message of Ex-President

A cold January morning of 2002 witnessed the beginning of what we know today to be MExSA. It was the day when 50 of us, strangers, entered the premises of MCSP, now known as MCSK. A lot of time has passed since then and the strangers we met that day are family now, the education we received seems more like life lessons. And the education institution, MCSK, feels more like a home now.

The bond that was forged in the later years among the students was a bond of trust, love and respect. MExSA was formed as a means of continuation of these values and strengthen the bond further.

It was rather an ambitious dream to form a student organization at so young an age. But we have been blessed to have truly brilliant students who contributed their best to make this crazy dream come true. A handful of dreamers came together almost a decade ago to form this organization we have come to love so much.

Taking credit for the formation of the organization would be such an injustice to every individual who put the interest of the organization ahead of everything. We had great guidance from so many kind and generous souls including many of the parents and MCSK authority. I am speaking of a time when none of us even graduated. We were ecstatic when people took us seriously.

Now, after a decade of existence, MExSA has flourished and shaped into an organization we all can take great pride in. I am grateful to all individuals who have worked tirelessly to make it so.

The strength of MExSA does not lie in the glamour of the events or the fat balance in the bank account (I hope it is fat); the strength lies in the heart of every member of the organization who carries trust, love and respect for all other fellow members.

We have had challenges before and we will have plenty of them ahead. We will overcome them only to be burdened with new ones. But be bold and confident. As long as the bond among us remains strong and as long as a fellow student finds a helping hand from us, we will drive forward to make this organization a better one and this world a better place.