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Message of President

As the president of MExSA, initially it was quite hard to have everyone in the community, arrange their database and gather them under an umbrella. With a very small team back in those days & through a lot of ups and downs we have come up with this association.
We already have more than Eight hundred Ex- Students of MCSK with us in MExSA right now. I believe all these precious members of MExSA will turn the organization into something bigger and better for the society and for the nation as well. MExSA has a number of foresighted plans for developing the socio-economic status of Bangladesh along with leading the young generation in such a way that we can be able to create some awesome leaders for the entire mankind someday. Over time, MExSA will make us proud, I entirely believe MExSA will make Bangladesh proud as we have a lot of talented youth with us who all are eager to take challenges and dream to change the world into a better place. MExSA is an emotion for me, wherever I am, Whoever I become, I will always cherish and motivate MExSA to be the best of the best. I always wish all the very best to MExSA.

Kazi Nahianur Rashid