Creating bridge among Ex students of MCSK

Half a decade of our lives were spent in a place which we despised to the bones on our first day, and still call it heaven, probably will be our home, until our last breath. MCSK was not just an institution, it was a state of mind for each and every student that stepped there.

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Once the pioneers set foot outside the college, followed by other batches, it was a question in everyone’s mind – “how do we still feel connected to home?”. Thus, the creation of MExSA started a platform for not only the student alumni but also the current students. MExSA as an organization serves the purpose of creating a tight bridge amongst all the students in the college.

MExSA started with humble beginnings, and now after _ years of foundation, it boasts a proud total of __ alumni. The organization is in charge of arranging various events and programmes for the students and alumni. In the past few years, MExSA has arranged successful college reunions, different sports events such as football, futsal, volleyball and indoor games. At this point, the reader may think, MExSA has only been arranging events all these years, but there is more than meets the eye, behind the scenes, every alumni, home and abroad, have always been constantly in touch with the current students, helping them with academics, career counselling and has came forward to each other’s dire need in the blink of an eye. One of mention worthy activities are the social responsibilities that MExSA carries out, from helping underprivileged people to distributing relief goods.

With gradual time, MExSA has become a dynamic organization. With a handful of plans for the future, MExSA aims at establishing a brick and mortar head office and also more enthusiastic programs which would come to the aid of the students and alumni.

The bond of brotherhood has always kept us hand in hand with each other and we aim to move forward with prosperity and integrity.


Skill developing and career counseling

Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK) aims at building up the different extra-curriculum skills of the students and MExSA believes in nurturing those skills of the students for their betterment at graduation and job level.


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Career Counseling is a process that helps an individual to know and understand him/her and the world of work in order to make job career, educational, and life decisions.
Usually, when a student or a batch completes their study in MCSK and steps into this real world, they find it difficult to choose their area of interest or concentration out of numerous options. MExSA guides and acknowledges the passing out batch with the pros and cons of every sector available through different interactive sessions.
MExSA will be looking forward to arrange different Career Counseling and Skill Development Sessions which include the following:

  • Exam Preparatory Guidelines for JSC Candidates.
  • Exam Preparatory Guidelines for SSC Candidates.
  • Exam Preparatory Guidelines for HSC Candidates.
  • University Admission Exam Guidelines for HSC Examinees.
  • Guidelines for Study at Abroad.
  • Guidelines for Higher Studies at Abroad.
  • Career Guidelines for Job Aspirants.
  • Training Program for mastering the technical skills for Job.
  • Job Fair Opportunity for the MExSA Members.
  • Training Session by the Experts.

MExSA will be always beside every members of their MCSK community to provide any assistance related to their career. Personal Counseling by the Experts can also be provided by the MExSA.


Youth Development and Leadership development

Youth development is a process that prepares a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his or her full potential.



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Youth development programs help youth navigate adolescence in healthy ways and prepare them for their future by fostering their positive development. Competence, confidence, connection, compassion and character are the key for having a positive development; more precisely for a positive youth development.

Whereas ,Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the capability of an individual to assume leadership roles and responsibilities. These types of learning opportunities focus on developing knowledge, skills, self-awareness, and abilities needed to lead effectively.
Personal traits and behavioral dispositions can help or hinder a person’s leadership effectiveness. While these are difficult to change, leadership is a set of behaviors and practices that can be learned through effort and experience.

In today’s era youth development and leadership development goes side by side;which makes it Youth Leadership Development. Bangladesh is the world’s most densely populated country and 40 percent of its population lives in poverty. Many lack basic services such as access to clean water, electricity and sewage systems. At the community level, local governments lack the capacity, transparency and resources to adequately respond to the needs of their people. Compounding the problem, many citizens are uninformed about their civic rights and how they can make their voices heard. Civil society organizations have helped improve citizen engagement at the national level, but local communities remain disenfranchised. As one of the solutions Bangladesh government has taken up the Youth leadership development program for the energetic youth of this country . The program provided training to local leaders and youth to help them identify and resolve the greatest challenges facing their communities. Leaders were supported in developing action plans for their community development projects, with competitive funding to support project implementation.
MExSA is one of the best example in case of youth leadership development.. it offers a bunch of youth to showcase their talents and their leadership qualities by arranging different programmes.

MExSA has it’s own CONSTITUTION & EXECUTIVE BODY. The Executive Body have a SIGNATORY BODY consisting of President, Vice President, General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary, the MExSA society have local bodies termed as WING as its functional unit. The EXECUTIVE BODY runs the society smoothly according to the constitution. Any decision taken by the Executive Body is fully respected and obeyed by all the members of the society. Executive Body act as a liaison between MCSK authority and MEXSA members. MExSA Organises meetings, activities of all categories of members from time to time in accordance with the provisions laid down in the constitution of MEXSA.


Social welfare and research

Comprising of ex-students of the highly renounced Military Collegiate School Khulna(MCSK), MExSA has always aimed to utilize its power of youth for the welfare of something bigger than themselves, i.e. the society we live in.


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MExSA believes in the establishment of societal harmony amongst people of all walks, which starts with helping the people around you in need. During times of global and national distress, MExSA has collected donations from within and beyond the association to use the money for charity for those in need.

Coincidentally and fortunately, MExSA’s first-hand social welfare works began during the times of dire need of the underprivileged, when coronavirus infected the entire world. With everyone having to stay at home to fight against this deadly virus, those whose livelihood is dependent upon everyday physical labor suffered the most. When these people were fighting between risking the infection of the virus and risking hunger and homelessness, we came forward to help them with their basic everyday needs.

During the very primary phases of the pandemic, MExSA provided sustainable food necessities to 250 different underprivileged families. This was the beginning of many future humanitarian activities conducted by us.

The initiatives and teamwork to help those in need only grew wider within the organization and very soon after, with the help of the Executive Magistrate of Khulna, a donation project of distributing everyday food necessities to 300 families was completed.

While Covid-19 was a global and national concern, another natural disaster named Amphan, which was a deadly cyclone that struck the coastal regions of Bangladesh. Though this was less spread in terms of geographical extensity, it just as severe as the pandemic if not more. This cyclone hitting these helpless people during the month of Ramadan only made things worse. With the government being concerned about the bigger spectrum of the coronavirus pandemic, the people affected by Amphan were largely overlooked by many but not by MExSA. We stood beside 5 families around the city of Noapara who were facing lockdown conditions and are fighting for their lives because of it. We also distributed iftar to 50 workers who could barely afford basic necessities for their families let alone, sufficient food after a whole day of fasting. To put a smile on the faces of the vulnerable ones even in these times of distress, MExSA distributed Eid gifts to 100 people affected by the repercussions of Amphan.

In the month of Ramadan, we went to Jashore and helped more than 100 people in need by providing them with iftar after a whole day of fasting. We also bought two fans for a Madrasa for the heated summer and donated Tk 7,000 to be used for the necessary expenses of the orphans.

Overall, during the holy month of Ramada MExSA distributed grocery items and iftar to almost 1000+ people in Dhaka, Khulna, Jashore, and Rajshahi. Most of these donations were directed towards Madrasas, orphans, and other people in dire need.

We also try our best to make our donations regarding humanitarian affairs have a sustainable long-term effect. We arranged iftar for 15 orphans from Darul Ulum Madrasa and Yateemkhana(orphanage) coupled with a sum of monetary donation that will pay for their food expenses for nearly a whole month. We have also provided a sum of financial contribution to Sautul Quaran Madrasa and Yateemkhana for the underprivileged kids and orphans at Bashundhara R/A.

As former students of the prestigious Military Collegiate School of Khulna, we have been privileged enough to receive the very best of education in every aspect. As a country and a society, we are where we are because of the relentless labor of the working class of our nation. We feel responsible to give back to the very people who are the hardest of workers, the true architects of our economy, and the foundation of our community and nation as a unit. We believe that a significant portion of our future will be led by underprivileged youth and children. In order to live in the country that we dream of, it is us who must play our roles in nurturing and standing beside these blooming minds of tomorrow when they are in need. MExSA hopes to only enhance and broaden its reach in the acts of social and humanitarian affairs and hopes to truly have an impact on the social welfare of the country that we all love and cherish.

Military Collegiate School Khulna

Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK) is a residential educational institution in Phultala Upazila, Khulna District, Bangladesh, which is supervised by the area commander for Jessore. The institution follows the syllabus of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Jessore. The national curriculum in English version is followed. The curriculum is designed so each cadet is groomed as a good all-rounder in the fields of education, games and sports with leadership skills. The institution accepts cadets from all over the country.




Military Collegiate School Khulna Ex Students Association (MExSA) was founded back in 2009 as the only platform for the Alumni of Military Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK), who will hold the values, morals and principles of Father of the Nation “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” and Bangladeshi nationalism in its truest sense to contribute comprehensively towards their community, society and the beloved nation.

This organization however is not confined to serving its members only rather the sole aim of this organization is to operate as a non-profitable, charitable and humanitarian organization which will promote youth empowerment. The area of operation of the organization are but not limited to humanity, philanthropic work, humanitarian assistance, youth Development, leadership development, social welfare and research. The organization provides support and services for social welfare activities.


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One of main focuses of MExSA is to promote research, innovation and creativity within and outside the organization in order to achieve socio-economic development. The mandate of this organization also includes providing scholarship to the poor students of school, college, university to inspire their higher education and to help the underprivileged people in our society.

MExSA has carried out different charitable works i.e. establishing temporary health camps and different programs like free blood test, blood donation etc. This organization can work in different capacities. With time, it will broaden its area of operation. The organization is full of potential with a bunch of young, energetic, enthusiastic members trying to make this society a better place to live in.





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