Membership & Subscription

General Membership Groups

We have two membership groups based on batch. Choose your group following your batch.

LTSM Member

This is lifetime membership plan. Students of any batch can choose this plan.

Donor Member

Donate randomly to our fund. You can donate any amount. We use the fund for wellbeing of the distressed.

Donate to MEXSA fund

Your donation will help MEXSA to run all its programs and events along with all CSR activities smoothly.

Pay your Subscription

Please choose from our membership packages. The best choice is Mexsa LTSM (Life Time Subscription Membership) membership. Pay one time and become our member for lifetime. Please, pay your subscription regularly to help our organization to work smoothly for us and for our society.

Become LTSM Member

LSTM stands for Lifetime Subscription Member by paying a subscription amount of BDT 49,999 at a time which will go directly to MEXSA fund and finally it will be using for welfare of MEXSA and our members.